Why Christians Defend Peter Singer of Princeton

Christians are going to stand out if they stand up for free speech.

In 2017, we are find ourselves in perilous times as the reality of free speech is threatened. To be clear, Singer’s views are noxious, anti-biblical, and anti-common sense; we should oppose Singer’s views to the full. But here is where we have to be very careful: if you can shut down Peter Singer, our views can be shut down as well. We should work to preserve the right of every person to civil free speech. People should have the right to speak their mind in the West. We should preserve the right to civil free speech.

This means that all sorts of people of all sorts of views can make their ideas known in the public square. Christmas are going to stand out if they stand up for free speech. We cannot trust our fellow man to preserve free speech. We want to start from the standpoint that we enfranchise all points of view, provided that they are legal. As the Church, the gospel has gone out in great measure in free societies. God does not ask for the permission of secular societies for the gospel to go forth; the gospel will go forth no matter what. The gospel goes out in great measure in free societies and will continue to do so.