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Killing Sin at the Root Level: A Conversation with Gavin Peacock

In this episode, Dr. Owen Strachan is joined by Gavin Peacock, pastor of Calvary Grace Church of Calgary and Director of International Outreach for the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

Dr. Strachan and Peacock discuss the importance of realizing the root cause of sin and how Christians can go about killing sin at the root level before it manifests itself. Strachan and Peacock have written The Grand Design: Male and Female He Made Them and a new trilogy on biblical sexuality.

Raised to Love the Church: A Conversation with Dustin Benge

Keep Your Eyes on the Trees: Trees, Family, and Life in ‘1917’

In this episode, Dr. Owen Strachan and Mike Dixon discuss the themes found in the recent movie, ‘1917’. The discussion is guided by Dr. Strachan’s recent article in Providence Magazine.

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How Can We Survive–And Thrive–in a Season of Crisis

Are Evangelicals to Blame for the Coronavirus Spread? A Response to Katherine Stewart