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Episode 4: Tom Wolfe Trolls the Darwinists

Join Dr. Owen Strachan on this episode of the City of God podcast as he engages with Tom Wolfe’s newest book and the importance of words. Secularists are unable to comprehend the origin of language but Christians realize that the origin of speech is rooted in God himself. Read More ›

Episode 3: Death in the Age of Endless Living

Join Dr. Owen Strachan on today’s City of God podcast as he discusses death and how Jesus gives us a new perspective on it. For Christians, we are not only seeking to live a good life but to die a good death. Since we are united to Christ by faith, it is when we die that we truly live.  Read More ›

Episode 2: The Ghost Next Door

Join Dr. Owen Strachan this week on the City of God podcast as he presses into a highly secularized culture with the transcendence of God. Christians have the most important message in the world and their responsibility is to help their neighbors see that there is not simply a ghost in the room next door but a God to be experienced salvifically through Jesus Christ. Read More ›

Episode 1: The Life of the Christian Mind

Join Dr. Owen Strachan on the City of God podcast as he engages the question of Christian intellectuals in the public square. Where have all the Christian intellectuals gone? How are Christians supposed to engage the culture in a society where evangelicals are being pushed to the margins? Dr. Strachan tackles these questions in today’s podcast. Read More ›

Christ Our All: On Image Maintenance in the Age of Emojis

It is no secret that American culture in 2016 is rife with hostility.

The glittering technoculture that supposedly heralded a new era of transparence and good feelings has instead fostered new platforms on which people trade ad hominem putdowns. Perhaps the single image that most sums up our New Public Discourse is an emoji representing human excrement. Read More ›

Seconds Away: What We Can Learn From Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton

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