Winston Churchill: A Man in Full

Heroes are not dead. If we will only turn to the pages of history, we will see that in history heroes are very much alive.

Never give in. Never, never, never…Never yield to apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. — Winston Churchill

Why should we pay attention to Winston Churchill? First, Churchill gives leaders a model of perseverance. In the 1930’s, he found himself in the political wilderness and continued to call for war against Hitler. Secondly, he gives leaders a model of courage. He never failed to speak up for his convictions. Even while being a passionate, convictional leader, Churchill could disagree vehemently and then go out to a good meal and have a civil friendship with those he disagreed with. Thirdly, he reminds us for the need for statesmen in the ecclesial realm. He was willing for stand for what was good, true, and right. We need those who will lead and lead courageously.

The Last Lion by William Manchester