Why Vinyl Is Hot: The Revenge and Meaning of Analog

“The Church is the ultimate analog.”

Here is the strangest thing to note about music in our day: vinyl is making a comeback. We are seeing a resurgent of goods and material artifacts. There has been an assumption in American culture that digital life marches in a progressively triumphant direction; no one can stop its progress or stay its hand.

Interestingly, Christians have a stake in the conversation of material artifacts; we recognize that God created a physical and tangible world. Part of what mankind is going to do in the world that God has made is to create and use material artifacts. We can feel free to enjoy moral created goods. We as believers welcome creativeness. We are wary of the savior complex that technology assigns to itself. We do not believe that technology is going to solve all of our greatest problems. Technology cannot solve the problem of evil; only Jesus Christ can.

The Church is the ultimate analog. When God wants to create a kingdom, he doesn’t create a mere thought in people’s minds. He saves flesh and blood people and raises up local churches that are a part of the universal church. Grace is spiritual but it is also actual.

The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter by David Sax