Why So Merry? A Theology of Christmas

Christmas is about happiness. In truth, for Christians Christmas as a holiday signals that we are a happy people. It is a sign for all that we have to be thankful for. We are not cynical or snarky; we are merry. Christians should represent themselves as a happy people. We don’t look at the world as if God has withheld good graces. We have a cosmic, eternal thanksgiving to give to God. Christmas reminds us to be happy once more and we want people to see joy demonstrated in the Christian life. We want to joy-ify the world.

Christmas is also a theological reality. Christmas is not about gifts and family; it is a theological reality where we celebrate the virgin birth and the incarnation of Christ Jesus our Lord. For some reason our politically correct culture thinks that saying “Merry Christmas” is to use profane speech. People feel a hitch in their spirit not for vulgarity but for saying “Merry Christmas!” Christians should never feel shame in this.