Tina Fey Hates Scrapbooking

As for us, God bless the women who scrapbook.

The simple things in life are now despised. Here is what is despised: loving your family, children, and scrapbooking. Doing such things for their own good is considered ridiculous today. Womanhood, of a traditional kind, is, as we have talked about, very despised. The interesting thing about Fey’s remarks about Karen Pence is that recent research, noted in the Washington Post, has shown that millennials are more traditional when it comes to gender roles than their parents.

There are likely many reasons for this shift among the younger crowd in America but we cannot fail to note that even as there is derision and scorn for stay at home moms, there is a beauty and simplicity to God’s design that is appealing to many. There are a lot of young men and women who have gone through a lot of heartbreak in the home in recent years. According to this Post piece, there seems to be a growing embrace of manly roles and womanly roles. None of this means that God’s plan is microwaveable. God’s plan is not easy; it takes minute-by-minute sacrifice. God’s plan is a beautiful and tremendous thing. As for us, God bless the women who scrapbook.

Why would millennial men prefer stay-at-home wives? Race and feminism. By W. Bradford Wilcox and Samuel Sturgeon