The Easternizing of the West

If you want to win the NBA Dunk contest, what do you do? Focus on meditation, visualization, and engage in positive affirmation. People are taking religious practices, scrubbing them of their religious content, and putting them to work for an enhanced life. Our culture is still very interested in ostensibly religious things. As Christians, we have stake in all of this. Christians believe in meditation but our meditation has a real object, God and His Word. Our meditation is not centered upon ourselves or our thoughts. We think it is most profitable to meditate deeply on God and his characteristics and promises. The one who enjoys perfect peace is the one who is stayed on God. Do we find peace in centering on positive thoughts? Or by thinking about God? We need training in God-focusedness. The key to a happy life and a fulfilled vocation is following and obeying.

These Young NBA Stars Are Rising Because of Meditation and Mindfulness by Steven Kutz