The Chance to Be New

“It is far more beautiful to be holy than to be wanted.”

There is a conversation going on in 2017 about hook-up culture. Students are engaging in anything but romance and there is very little relational structure. We can say several things about hook-up culture. Hook-up culture is drawing many participants and this sets the terms for the romantic encounter on college campuses. We need to resist hook-up culture with the strongest possible force. Pastors and parents need to train their children to resist this culture. We need to teach them about ordered love.

God allows us the opportunity to love and to love romantically. But love isn’t formless; it is bounded and shaped by God’s vision for love in the lifelong covenantal union of marriage. We want them to see that it is far more beautiful to be holy than to be wanted; it is far more fulfilling to be godly than to be hot. We want to show the world that our identity isn’t inherently sexual.