The 2017 Survival Plan

What’s your recovery plan in 2017 forĀ 2016?

Remember that a sense of humor is a terrible thing to waste. We have to recognize that as believers we have a serious disposition; your purpose is to make Christ known. But God has also given us a sense of humor. He has given us the ability to laugh and not take ourselves so seriously.

Remember that as believers we don’t live in a constant state of paranoia. A lot of us are falling prey to the view that current events are surely tanking all of Western civilization. Sin is real, all humans are depraved, and this fallen world is cursed. But we need to recognize that God is a greater reality to us than death, sin, evil, and hell. Jesus came to undue the works of darkness. When we live in anxiety, we sin against God. So, believers want to be a anti-paranoid culture in a fallen world.

Enjoy life, drink some delicious coffee, and have a laugh at yourself. A good, God-given life is a terrible thing to waste.