Is Lady GaGa a Rebel?

“We are rebels but not of our own making for our own cause.”

Essentially, Lady GaGa’s Tiffany ad is a celebration of uniqueness and individuality, values that are highly thought of in 2017. Our culture is somewhat obsessed with being a rebel, with going against the status quo. Our culture is also obsessed with being recognized. Human identity is largely organized in cultural terms in being an individual. There is a worldview that has been identified called expressive individualism. This worldview states that we are most human when we truly express ourselves according to our innate desire.

The Christian worldview gives us the opportunity to be a creator, to make things, to undertake a vocation. It allows us to stand out and apart from the world. We recognize, as believers, we stand out, not in rebellion, but as God’s chosen people who rebel against the sinful world order. We rebel against sin. Even as we recognize that Christianity can make you stand out in society, we stand out as virtue as wanting to fit in and submit to God.

Its not really okay to be a rebel in Western culture. You cannot rebel against progressivism, liberal thought, and received leading thinking. It is okay to launch a protest against the Catholic church but it isn’t good to rebel against cultural gatekeepers who control our culture. It isn’t okay to go against what CNN, the New York Times, and cultural elites say. It is only okay to be a rebel in one direction.

We naturally want to stand out but we do not have the courage to stand for what is truly virtuous. The Christian is the person who will stand against the world no matter what it will cost them. We are rebels but not of our own making for our own cause. We are a rebel against sin and satan and hell.