iPhone Out: The Unblemished Beauty of Privacy

We are not made to live life before a social media audience but before God.

Privacy is a precious commodity. We are all accustomed today to think that it’s a good thing to give up privacy. There is nothing more precious and valuable than personal privacy; it really is one of the vital things we posses. Young people have been trained to think that they need to authenticate their humanness by sharing all aspects of their life online. We should note that public sharing is not only a good, it comes with an edge. Privacy is a good thing, to lead a quiet life (1 Thess 4:11).

When you go to the pages of Scripture you can find some verses that directly contradict the thinking of a modern and postmodern era. In actual fact what makes us human is that we lead a quiet life. We should navigate away from a mindset that things only matter if they are shared online and receive “likes” from others. Events in our lives that are good and God-honoring are good intrinsically. We should think about if it is virtuous, healthy, and pleasurable to lead a quiet life where we do not augment reality. We don’t have to authenticate our humanity by publicly sharing every facet of your life. We do not need to fear privacy, we can enjoy our privacy.

We are not made to live life before a social media audience but before God. God knows and sees all that we do and whether anyone else sees what we do and approves of it if we are living for the Lord by the power of Jesus Christ that is all that really matters, that is a privacy well-guarded.