Fake News and Good News

Here’s something that’s almost old now: fake news.

Fake news is a scourge and is causing people to not trust sources; it is undermining the political sphere. As believers, we oppose falsehood wherever it is found; we love the truth. All truth is God’s truth. But we are in a world of lies. Postmodernism argues that there is no truth and has convinced many people to be skeptical to all narratives. We have a lot to deal with as believers when it comes to fake news.

The original fake news is abortion. We have been accustomed to approach abortion as if it is a valid initiative related to recycling, We have been trained to think of abortion of a choice. A majority of young people understand that abortion is murder; it is wrong. We have to recognize that we are in a culture that has allowed the rise of different idealogies to be presented as something that is positively but in truth we are embracing something profoundly negative as a culture.

Christians have something better to offer; we have the gospel, the good news.